Gel/Foam Gerichair Cushion

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  • Bottom cover is made of vinyl
  • Top cover is made of Low shear urethane
  • 18 in. x 70 in. x 1.75 in.
  • Withstands weight of 250 lbs. or less
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Covering all the options, The Blue Chip Geri-Gel Recliner Overlay ensures three-fold comfort: a top and base layer of Med-Flex™ VPF™ foam, with highly viscous gel in the center. On top of all that is a low shear, fluid proof and stain proof Vyvex-III™ 4 way stretch knit Urethane cover. And on the bottom of all that is Non-Skid tri-Laminate Vinyl. Secured by an adjustable safety strap.
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